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The Home School CATALOG of BizMin Assoc. that has several very good videos, books, and historical reproductions that not only has excellent content but also provides a very easy beginning to supplementary home schooling while the child attends the public school.
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-The beliefs of our Founding Fathers concerning the proper role of Christian principles in education, government and public affairs. The views of men like Patrick Henry, George Washington, John Adams, and others are clearly presented and accompanied by famous portraits and pictorial reliefs from America's history. Discover court cases showing that for 160 years Christian principles were inseparable from public affairs. Numerous graphs are used to document what has occurred since the courts began rejecting the Founders' beliefs. (59 Min., © 1992) HiResPic
- In recent years, our government has been plagued with a growing number of scandals and increased corruption, yet for almost two centuries American government was characterized as sound and morally untainted. The change has come because of our disregard for the advice given by the framers of our original government. Discover the keys to good government by investigating the wise counsel of leaders like William Penn, Benjamin Rush, and John Witherspoon, and learn how we can reclaim the quality of government we once enjoyed. (59 Min., © 1994) HiResPic
- This video examines the educational system which produced our great Founding Fathers. Learn not only about the school they attended and textbook they used, but also discover how far we've strayed from their plans to maintain a successful educational system. This video includes famous portraits from America's history and many excerpts from original textbooks and writings of the Founders. It is excellent for learning what was intended by the Founders and what can be done to return to their original plans for educational excellence. (60 Min., © 1992) HiResPic
- The American Revolution was to dream the unthinkable: fifty-six men pledged their "lives, fortunes, and sacred honor" to establish a new & independent nation. What was the spirit that motivated these remarkable men? What was the spirit behind the American Revolution? Learn the answers to these questions as you investigate both their words and their actions. Discover their strong reliance upon God for wisdom and direction, and witness fascinating accounts of God's providential care in many of their military endeavors. (55 Min., © 1993) HiResPic
- This short video acquaints viewers with the truth that the current doctrine of "separation of church and state" is something never intended by the Founders. It not only surveys the historical records surrounding the drafting of the First Amendment, but also documents what has happened statistically since the Court rejected the Founders' intent. It further shows that the current Court is beginning to return to many values previously struck down. An excellent tool to use with state or local officials to prove that they can include Godly values in their polices.(20 Min., © 1992) HiResPic

__________________ BOOKS  &  PAMPHLETS _________________
11 __ x $ 7.95 =$___.___ B01 America: To Pray or Not To Pray
America: To Pray or Not To Pray  - social consequences since striking down prayers in schools 1962. ..."this book also discusses what can be done to restore what has been lost." 161 pp.   HiResPic(
12 __ x $12.95 =$___.___ B16 Original Intent: The Courts, The Constitution, & Religion
'' Original Intent. '' (Click Pic to enlarge.)- The truth about "separation of church & state". 533 pp.  HiResPic
13 __ x $10.95 =$___.___ B14 Lives of the Signers
'' Lives of the Signers '' (of the Constitution) Click Pic to enlarge.  -a short biography on the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence who pledged their "lives, fortune and sacred honor" and some of their character traits. 392 pp.  HiResPic
14 __ x $ 2.95 =$___.___ B04 Did T.V. Cause the Changes in Youth Morality?
- Survey the programming history and find out when the moral decline in the industry began
and other contributing factors. 27 pp.
15 __ x $ 6.95 =$___.___ B05 The Bulletproof George Washington
'' The Bulletproof George Washington '' Click Pic to enlarge.  - This account was based on the writings of participants in the French & Indian War and was used in many student textbooks until 1934. 59 pp.   HiResPic
16 __ x $ 6.95 =$___.___ B06 The New England Primer
''New England Primer'' 1777 reprint. Click Pic to enlarge.-reprint of 1777. The Primers were the 1st textbook printed in US (Boston 1690) and they were used the next 200 years to teach reading and Bible lessons in our schools. 86 pp. 1991.
25 __ x $ 4.95 =$___.___ BM1 THE NEW ENGLAND PRIMER ; 1996   ISBN 0-9648958-0 LCCN 96-157924
New England Primer 1996. Updated to modern English and NKJV- NEW, improved & updated, a reprint of "primary" public school achievement reference, private & home school textbook and Christian family devotional resource. (Book details: Dimensions: 3½" x 5½"x 0.18" thick, paperback.) 84 pp., © 1996.
17 __ x $ 4.95 =$___.___ B09 Bible Study Course (New Testament)
Old Testament and New Testament Bible Study Books from Dallas High School. (Click Pic to enlarge.)  - Dallas High Schools. Excellent for personal study, Sunday schools, Christian schools, home schools or Bible fellowship groups. 121 pp., © 1946. HiResPic
17.1 __ x $ 4.95 =$___.___ B12 Bible Study Course (Old Testament)
Old Testament & New Testament Bible Study Books from Dallas High School.  - Dallas High Schools. Excellent for personal study, Sunday schools, Christian schools, home schools or Bible fellowship groups. 96 pp., © 1954. HiResPic
18 __ x $ 6.95 =$___.___ B10 Advice to the Young
'' Webster's Advice to the Young.'' Click Pic to enlarge.   - Reprint of 2 of Noah Webster's works, 1783 & 1832. Timeless lessons. 53 pp. . HiResPic
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All of the following materials may also be obtained from the organization listed.  We are offering them here for your convenience and for quick information.  These can be ordered by adding them to the "CEMs" line on Printable Sales Order  "GoTo: PSO2, Orders, Individual" ; or two titles on  "PSO1"as indicated by the "(SA-SE)" below.
26. __ x $ 1.00 =$___.___ CW1 Your Child's New Teacher: The Federal Gov`t in the Classroom.
(4x8" pamphlet, 23 pp., © 1994.)   Some important history about public education & the players
in Federal Education.  Parallels and compliments the 5 videos very nicely.(CWA ) (PSO1, SA-SE)
27. __ x $ 1.00 =$___.___ ACLJ1 Knowing Your Rights. Jay Sekulow, (6x8" ppbk. 80 pp., © 1996).
Knowing Your Rights Taking Back Our Religious Liberties: A Handbook."This book is about our freedoms - our constitutionally protected liberties as citizens of the United States.",... also contains a sample public school parents letter with a sample Hatch Amendment Letter of 1984 (17 protections/Parents Rights). (ACLJ, 1000 Regent University Dr., PO Box 64429 Virginia Beach, VA 23467.) (ed. Court enforcement of these rights typically exceed the resources of parents. Highly effective with schools that will listen.)
28. __ x $ 3.30 =$___.___ NCBC1 National Council on Bible Curriculum In Public Schools.
"It's Our Constitutional Right" to have the Bible used as a textbook in elective courses for
history and literature. Opening letter of information by Jay Sekulow, Chief Council for ACLJ.
(8.5x11", 24 pp., © 1996.) (NCBCPS, PO Box 9743, Greensboro, NC 27429)
29. __ x $ 2.50 =$___.___ SU1 First Steps in Released Time, A Guide for Getting Started.
A program where public school children go off campus for elective Christian Bible Studies and
return. May require large local public support to initiate plus funding for sustaining operating
expenses. (8.5x11", 24 pp.)(School Ministries, Div. of Scripture Union, PO   Box  50093
  Columbia,   SC 29250   Email:
30. __ x $ 15.00 =$___.___ IME1 The Children of Table 34,  The True Story Behind Alfred
Kinsey's Infamous Sex Research. VHS video.
The tragic story of Dr. Reisman's discovery of Dr. Alfred Kinsey's systematic sexual abuse
of 317 male children from 2 months old.  The information is vital to understanding the "scientific"
cover given to fraudulent data which has fueled the sexual revolution ... in all of America's
institutions.  (VHS, 30 min. © 1994) (Family Research Council,  700 13th Street NW, Suite 500,
Washington DC 20006) ( Institute for Media Education, ) (editor: This video concludes with 8
charges of wrongdoing including aiding and abetting a sex murderer.  A "must see" for every
Boomer and Buster.)
31. __ x $ .50 =$___.___ IME2 Dr. Kinsey and The Children of Table 34, (PSO1, SA-SE)
This brochure follows about half of the video and gives a brief commentary on Dr. Reisman's
research on the Kinsey research fraud which begs for an investigation.  (4x7", 20 pp., © 1994)
( Family Research Council,  700 13th Street NW, Suite 500, Washington DC 20006)


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