5 Reasons to buy our American History & Government Videos
By Richard Klenk, Sr
      When I began this business the original goal was to supply these American History and Government videos to our Public Schools because my education did not include this material and my children's education did not include this material.  These videos extol the Christian character of our Founding Fathers and the Principles of the Bible as they were applied to our founding documents like:  The Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Constitution etc.
     I presented these videos for review before 6 or 7 of the largest school districts in this state which rank among the largest 25 districts in the country.  This activity resulted in zero sales.  Most of the districts returned comments where they judged the video materials as not Constitutionally allowed to be taught.  At that point I decided to make these videos available via this web site to home schoolers and public school parents that want their children to excel beyond the limitations of the public school's bias.
     Recently I discovered the Communist Goals as recorded in the Congressional Record of 1963.  These videos directly oppose the following five (5) Communist Goals: 17.a, 28., 29., 30. & 31. (links & "Notes").  If you want your child to get the truth about American history you will have to supplement their education, or take them out of public ed.!
  These Videos and Instructor's Transcripts make it easy to do.  Why don't you do it now so they will will not graduate stupid!

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