Sex Trends in High School Teenagers.
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For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:    [ Mat 15:19  KJV ]  

This page was developed from the data in Table 30 of this CDC Report1. .   The Table covers data for the four years from 1996 through 1999.  From the many recorded behaviors of youth in this report we choose the "Sexual Trends" because these are a matter of the heart and spirit of youth, i.e. "issues of life"2.; whereas, the smoking, alcohol, drugs, and suicide are typically bad adult behaviors that are acquired in an attempt to deal with some of the depressing experiences of the heart and spirit.  We defend the position that when "sin" is confronted, discipled, and resolved with forgiveness and or justice to the extent possible then the victims can recover, be healed and continue on with a productive life, free of the typical bad adult behaviors. 

    This information was assembled to show the cause and effect for the demonstrated behaviors and the failures of the 
condom based, prostitution condoned sex education.
Parents who are concerned about these trends should contact RSVP America3. and get their "Parents Curriculum Analysis Instrument" that is a methodical process of determining the level of Kinsey's abnormal, psychopathic sexual orientation and influence in their child's sex education materials.
The red line is the self inflicted, self victimized behavior that leads to AIDS, STD's, alcohol and drugs, pregnancies, abortions and suicides.  Let's help these children with a little wisdom.  This red line needs to come down and the blue lines need to reach above 40% each.  This would be in keeping with the trends prior to Everson v Board of Education 1947 and the fraudulent science of Alfred Kinsey and his sex reports of the 1950's.
Parents need to determine the level of abstinence sex ed taught in the local public schools.   The answers provided by the "Parents Curriculum Analysis Instrument"3. will be more informative than from the school board or sex ed teacher because all sex ed classes will have the word "abstinence" in it.  So if you ask the school board about it they will say yes they have "abstinence" sex ed; however, the level of commitment to it will be determined by the behavior of the children.

We need to encourage the "Undecided" to stay with abstinence and reinforce the "Abstinent" to persevere.
For an enlargement, click on the graph.Click to see all from The Heritage Foundation'

The first thing to note about this graph1.  is that these behaviors are a result of a thought process and teaching methodology.
Solution 1:  Religion classes need to be returned to public schools.   Serious & IMMEDIATE consideration should be given to a Constitutional Amendment which provides for the Bible Curriculum, Bible reading and prayers to be mandated in all public schools.   Life is too short & the consequences of trial & error ( HIV/AIDs) too deadly to prohibit teaching the Bible.  In the mean time home school your child in "The New England Primer, 1996" which is available online by an Email Order Form: .

Solution 2:  'Condoms' & 'Sex Orientation' need to be expelled and Abstinence returned and emphasized until the Unmarried Pregnancy Rate5. returns to 12% or less.See also How "Parents can easily influence their teenagers (to be) twelve-and-a-half times more likely to remain virgins."


Solution 4:    See  Promiscuity vs Purity, The Parents' Purity Page and Attitudes Shaper. Drawing Mental Pictures Of Character - What Does Character Look Like? The Horrendous Consequences of STD's and Choices Worksheet.   

Solution 4:    See  The DECEIT of 'Sexual Orientation & Youth, A Primer for Principals, Educators & School Personnel'  or How leaving Abstinence is similar to Russian Roulette.  

 1. June 09, 2000 / 49(SS05);1-96    Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance --- United States, 1999
 "Abstract:  Problem/Condition: Priority health-risk behaviors, which contribute to the leading causes of mortality and morbidity among youth and adults, often are established during youth, extend into adulthood, are interrelated, and are preventable." ,   [see Table 30]. [ Former link: ]
We have also provided this link to the reference data for just Table 30-(in GIF format)    because the report (htm link above) is very large and slow to load for modem connections.

 2.  For from within, out of the heart of men (youth), proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, 22 Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, and evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness;  23All these evil things come from within, and defile the (youth) man.  [Mark 7:21-23  KJV ]  [ (emphasized "(youth)" in order to apply the passage to the age group under consideration.) ]

 3. RSVP America, PO Box 1136, Crestwood,  KY  40014 ,  1-800-287-RSVP (7787),

 4.  omitted

 5.  The reference document for the Unmarried Pregnancy Rate giving the historical rate of 12% prior to judicial legislation that upset the nation's education system is in PDF format and requires Acrobat Reader: which was h.ttp://  ( The CDC moves it's data files with regular frequency so try searching CDC for these keywords:  "Vol 48 No.6" )

 6.  See: provides data on the family and religious practice and analysis of their role in maintaining civil society in America.

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