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The single, most critical determinant for teenage sexuality is 'the involvement of parents'! Parents can easily influence their "teenagers (to be) twelve-and-a-half times more likely to remain virgins."
Twelve-and-a-half times equates to 1250 %
This is highly significant - don't miss it.
In the June 2003 article of the American Family Association Journal 1., which is linked below, were the following comments:
"Factoring ... attitudes into this equation leads to what is perhaps the most critical determinant for teenage sexuality: the involvement of parents.  A study published in ... Family Planning Perspectives showed that parents can best keep their teens from becoming sexually active by doing three things:
    1.)  maintaining a warm and loving relationship with their children;
    2.)  letting teens know that they are expected to abstain from sex until marriage; and
    3.)  avoiding the discussion of birth control.
Psychology professor James Jaccard of State University of New York at Albany and his fellow researchers found that each of these factors by themselves doubled the chance that a teen would abstain from sex.  But parents who did all three influenced their kids so strongly that their teenagers were twelve-and-a-half times more likely to remain virgins.(all emboldened text by NEPrimer.com)
So where does the New England Primer's Sex Education Lesson fit in?  It fits under Item 2. above.  Let's call it Item 2.A.  Sex Ed..  This lesson will help them "see" your attitude, the attitude of the church and the attitude of our Colonial Puritan Parents with all of these groups emphasizing and supporting God's wisdom; that it is better to abstain from sexual behavior until married because it is in the best interest of their future happiness.  Another item might be a vision for their teenage years.  Let's call it Item 2.B.  A Vision or Plan..  A case can be made from examples in the Bible that it is expected that children and young adults establish a job or employment before considering life time relationships.  Translation for teen's vision:  1.  Stay in church and in school and graduate.  2.  Abstain from sexual relationships until married.  3.  Establish a career or job of significance.  4.  Consider a marriage partner.
Another piece of information which doesn't seem to exist and which could strongly replace item 3. would be a list of consequences for sexual irresponsibility.  A table listing of the outbreak of the 24 "new" Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) over the last several decades; it's infection percentage among sexually active teens, the consequences of the disease, and the cost both physically and financially of each STD test.  The 2 "old" STDs: syphilis and gonorrhea would probably head up the list.  Included in the list should be the latent consequences of increased tendencies of depression and suicide 2..  An attempt was made to acquire this information from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Information Office but it wasn't successful 3.. ( View my email request at: neprimer.com/STD-inquiry.htm , See also the Google search link in it. Added 12/05.)
A typical scenario for a parent of a newly, sexually active teen might be the observation that the teen is engaging in promiscuity which by nature isn't abstinent and hence not monogamous; and that a first time sexual encounter has a 46% chance of contracting one of the STDs; and that over a period of time with 2 different partners it would be at least 92% probable that the teen has an STD.  SOME OF THE STDs DON'T HAVE ANY EARLY SYMPTOMS!  So if the parent cares for the teen, they could review the STD list, go to their family doctor and determine either by a series of STD tests which STD was acquired; and whether a CURE EXISTS, and hopefully medicate it to reduce the future consequences of the STD infection.  The parent might ask the teen if promiscuity is worth the risk of infection when some of the consequences are premature: sterility, cancer and death.
Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, promiscuity is deadly and abstinence is lively.  Choose life.
Don't put it off any longer. SEE : HOW TO BECOME A CHRISTIAN.

1. .From the AFA Journal Archives click on June 2003 issue (when available) then click on the article entitled: Sex... To Whom are teens listening?  ‘SAFE SEX’ –RUSSIAN ROULETTE [This link will take you to a sidebar in the right column entitled: INFECTING OUR KIDS]
2. .Teen Sex: Fueled by Media Images or Curbed through Good Information?
"No responsible adult can, in good conscience, seriously want to encourage teenagers to jeopardize their future by short-circuiting their character development and endangering their health and well-being."
3. . The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Information Office , After looking at  #1 above why can't a citizen get good information from our own government?

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Don't put it off any longer. Repent, SEE : HOW TO BECOME A CHRISTIAN.
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