ENDORSEMENTS  for  The New England Primer; 1996

The following special individuals and organizations returned these comments as a result of receiving and reviewing THE NEW ENGLAND PRIMER; 1996.

Mel Gabler, President of Education Research Analysts, in Longview, TX., (1-903-753-5993) wrote that the Primer will be added to their new edition of "Handbook #6, Acceptable Textbooks for Private Schools and Home Schools  as a recommended supplementary reading resource."

A Faith Based MinistryFOF wrote: "So much in your primer is relevant to the issues facing the citizens of our nation today."

Another Faith Based MinistryCWA wrote: "We believe that The New England Primer ... is a good instruction tool for education, .... we would be glad to recommend it ... for home school teaching aids or curricula."

Another Faith Based MinistryTRI wrote: "...The New England Primer ... is a fine instrument for learning."

A Preacher said, "I only wish that it could become a standard textbook and required reading in every public school. Better yet, maybe it should be required for every Congress member, Senator or public official...."

A School Board Chairman wrote and said she would share her copy of The New England Primer with the Superintendent of Schools.

Ruth Bock, a retired elementary school teacher, raves over it. "I think it's an excellent book.  I like the Biblical information and ethics material"

A public school principle wrote a note that included "Special People make Special Schools."

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