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checkThe Pinellas County, FL  Voter Guides and Links (HTML or PDF) are due to be eMailed within a couple of days before the election.   Primary Election voter guides are only available by a link in the email to a web page or by an PDF eMail attachment.  To get eMail voter guides for Primary and General Elections - Sign Up below.   The same Voter Guides are available through  

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    We welcome your subscription to our Voter Guides eMail list.  The Voter Guides are typically provided before every election to the extent that they are available.  Updates or Unsubscribes for VGs and Alerts should use the page.

    Typically, our Voter Guides email will include the following: Presidential and Congressional races which are provided by The Christian Coalition of America.  The Florida Governor and Legislature are provided by The Christian Coalition of Florida.  The local School Board, and County government are provided by CC Pinellas.  Some local city council or mayor races may lack the volunteers necessary to do the footwork for gathering voter guide information.   We have permission to use "The Universal, Non Partisan, Candidate Questionnaire" (  form.  If you would like to volunteer to cover your municipality call Rick below.

    On occasion I, the volunteer web-tech, will send an (occassional 3rd party values voter) "alert" to the list "suggesting" that some action be taken to preserve our electoral process or essential liberty.
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