Subject: [Fwd: Specter Watch: Don't Quit Now!]  Or What's the Constitution got to do with it?
From: "A Parent of Public School Graduates. [`03]"
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 
Organization: Courtesy of New England Primer ePRESS Internet News
To: ".Concerned Citizens and Parents"

    Why is the Chairmanship of the Judicial Committee of the 109th Congress important?  Read this quote from the article referenced in the eMail:

When the U.S. Supreme Court prefers the guidance of unelected, foreign groups over American democratic processes, "we the people" become "we the subjects of a globalized viewpoint."  This viewpoint is not likely to be based on the Scriptures.  (Or the Constitution!  Emphasis added. ed.)
    This says to me that some of the Supreme Court Justices believe that our Constitution is "under" the 'gobalized viewpoint'.  Some of the cases cited have used these justices' own words, i.e. written opinions, to declare their Treason.  Don't we expect them to keep their Oath to "uphold" the Constitution and not subjugate it?
    It's Treason, In their own words!  See referenced article.
Justice O'Connor , Justice Anthony Kennedy , Justice Stephen Breyer , Justice Ginsburg


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