Anti Gender Petition By Citizens For Good Public Policy

This ordinance was passed. See FL. Attorney General's letter link below.
The City of Gainesville, FL did this about 5/2008
5.08 Civil Rights. The City shall not enact, adopt, enforce or administer any ordinance, regulation, rule or policy which provides or entitles any person to claim protected status, quota preferences or have a claim of discrimination based upon a classification, characteristic or orientation not recognized by the Florida Civil Rights Act (Fla. Stat. ss. 760.01-760.11 and 509.092). Any ordinance or regulation enacted before this amendment or after shall be construed in conformance with the Florida Civil Rights Act. Any ordinance that violates this provision shall be void.

 Here is a YouTube video as to it's affects:

FL Attorney General Responds to Citizen in the Village of Palmetto Bay, Miami, FL.


Proponents of Gainesville's gender identity ordinance insist that accommodations for Gender Identity Disorder are commonplace, and point with pride to the number of cities and counties passing laws similar to Gainesville's ordinance. But a balanced perspective must also take into consideration widespread restroom rapes and other related molestations against women and young girls that occur when males enter female restrooms. Here is a short list that represents a large problem: