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  3. AffidavitOfCommonCore.pdf
  4. The Doctrine of the Interposition of the Lesser Magistrate. Christian doctrine of interposition.html
  5. ... since homosexual marriage was allowed by the courts (in Massachusetts) in 2003.  If you want to know what the horrendous, long term, adverse effects of legalizing homosexual marriages are, you simply must watch this shocking 28 minute documentary, entitled What Same-Sex Marriage Has Done for Massachusetts. (i.e. Trickle Down Queer)  See it play out in the Church at 17:21 min.
  6. Supreme Court Will Save or Push the U.S. to the Brink 
  7. 5 Things Churches Should Do To ASAP Regarding Same Sex Marriage Law -
  8. 8 Clear Signs Of A Compromising Church : Search Results
  9.  White Horse Media - Signs of the End >> The Gay/Lesbian/Marriage Crisis by Steve Wohlberg;   Whether you realize it or not, a terrible crisis is raging worldwide that centers around the God-ordained institution of marriage. A few years ago, hardly anyone could imagine that an apocalyptic, same-sex, gay rights controversy would burn like fire through political and ecclesiastical stubble and would become a major "sign" of the last days. But that controversy is here. Eighteen countries have officially legalized same-sex marriage, and that number will only increase.
  10. Look at the bribary of Public Schools by the FDOE  K-12FDOE-Failure.html
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