Hi C. R., Common Core and Christian HS link .
    I'm glad to hear from you.
    My first presumption would be that the school is ill informed about Common Core (CCore).  I would want to know why they have already acquiesced to it because as far as I know, unlike public schools, private schools have no financial incentive to incorporate CCore; and, if not repealed, several years could elapse before they would be forced into it.
    The first thing I would want to do is make a couple of to-do lists to establish the chain of command and to understand the "why's" mentioned above.  The list might include:
  1. Is it really CCore or is it a similar looking online curriculum like K12.com?
  2. Who or what committee/department is in charge of the private high school curriculum?
  3. How is curriculum approved for use at CCC?
  4. When was the CCore curriculum schedule approved?
  5. How much of the CCore curriculum is the school currently using?  (Ans. might be two: Science and Math)
  6. Do the administrators realize that the CCore will eventually include 13 different disciplines of study?
  7. Do the administrators realize that the CCore will eventually eliminate all Bible studies?
  8. Do the administrators realize that the CCore requires personal data of student (K-20), parents and teachers will be uploaded to a federal database that allows 3rd parties to access the data?
  9. What information did the school use for evaluating CCore.
  10. How much will the CCore curriculum materials cost compared with current curriculum?
  11. Have they any information as to whether CCore has been piloted anywhere?  (Ans is no.)
  12. What will the CCore student graduate product look like in 4 years? 8 years?  How do you know?
  13. What will the CCore teacher career look like in 4 years? 8 years?  How do you know?
  14. What will the CCore Christian School look like in 4 years? 8 years?  How could it possibly be different than public schools and why would anyone want to pay your tuition fee?
    Most of these questions were derived off-hand and from the several web pages referenced in the post script below.  The best place to start researching the subject is "Part III" because it has current inside information.  For generating questions the "Four Questions...." would probably be helpful.
    If I were questioning
my kids' public school teacher, principal, area supervisor about CCore I would begin by getting like minded parents in the class/school and inform them; because the typical public school's SOP is to stonewall and marginalize parents.  It would be a little harder to do that with a group of concerned and informed parents.
    If you have additional questions I'll answer them as best I can.

RE Klenk, We cannot legislate salvation but we must legislate morality, especially in education.  - Let us "Adopt the vision of a moral and pristine Constitutional Republic."

PS:  Here are the links to more info..  Part III has the video evidence and testimony for serious concerns of parents and citizens.
Online link to Part I.  Two New Evils Targeting Our Public School Children: COMMON CORE and k12.com Virtual Schools.
    Online link to Part II.  Escape COMMON CORE and k12.com Virtual Schools; Homeschool
    Online link to Part III.  Common Core Part 3: video evidence of total corruption.
    Online link to Part IV.   The Righteously Aggressive Constitutionist (RAC) Index Analysis of Federal Ed. and Common Core.

    If you want another list entitled "Four Questions to Ask of Any Program or Policy" click here.

On 11/13/2013 19:49, C. R. wrote:
Hi Rick,
I need your help.  After homeschooling my son J. through 8th grade,  we decided to send him to a Christian High School near here.  To my shock and surprise,  they are using common core.  I just found out about common core about 3 or 4 months ago.  I do not know everything about it but I know enough to know it is bad.  I need to talk to someone at the HS about this but I am not sure how to go about it,  who to talk to and what my talking points should be.  I am hoping you can give me some advice.
C. R.
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