Recommendations for Cloning a 631MHz Gateway with WinXP.

These hints are intended to inform you as to how you to copy over the WinXP in this computer with your XP copy since it is already set up with all of your preferences.  This 631 MHz GateWay has 320 MB of ram and a 10 GB hard drive.  It also has a 3Com Ethernet card which is required for installing a DSL .

1.  This little Keyfinder  program will get your WinXP Product Key out of YOUR COMPUTER which you need if you have to reinstall it.   Just run the program and the Key will be in the upper right hand corner of the little dialog box.  Write it down and keep it handy since it is already valid and registered to you.  If you ever upgrade or download any security files from MS they will check that your verzion of WinXP is valid.  Any way I would like to keep mine valid and registered me.
Win Keyfinder 1.73 RC2  Download zip.  Thank you for downloading Win Keyfinder 1.73 RC2  [You can discard the program after you get your Product Key since you will not need it anymore.]

2.  This little XXClone program will copy a whole disk from WinXP.  .
Freeware Download zip >>
Expand it and install it.  Run and clone drives.  Remember to copy your drive over the other drive.