This came from a larger body of work entitled: Medicare and ObamaCare Rejection Letter. MedicareObamaCareReject2011.html in pdf ,
No No No! The Major Socialist Obstructions To Capitalistic Free Market Alternatives.
The Six Degrees of Slavery.
Gov't Bondage & Slavery.
1., 3. & 5. "IN":  Represents more than 55 Unalienable Freedom Rights guaranteed by The Constitution.
2., 4. & 6. "Out":  Government handcuffs, bonds and enslaved at each one.

 Insane IRS  Regulations - Taxes
 On Everything!

1. Income & Interest, TAXed.
2.  Less Savings & Spending.

3. Investing, Borrowing, Transferring: TAXed.
4. Less Gains, Securities.

5. Inheritances: TAXed.
6. Less Giving, Investing & Bequeaths.

Oil and Gas, Foreign
Investments, TAXed:
 Insane ObamaCare Regulations
 On Everything!

1. Too many restrictions
2.  No Free Choices.

3. Too many court challenges.
4. Too many reform and repeal bills.

5. Too many external forces.
6. Issues too numerous to list.

Violates freedom of assembly.
 Insane School Board Regulations
 On Everything!
1., 3. & 5.: "NO":
God, Bible, Prayer, Truth, Wisdom, pledge, civics, phonics, History, reading, writing, math, science

2., 4. & 6.: "FAILed "Fed.": schools, funding, demands, reform bills, court cases, NO choices, failures too numerous to list, drop outs, dumbed down. 
Get the Bible back in public schools or get vouchers.
     Instead of the freedom of assembly and equal opportunity we get: bondage, slavery, penalties, discrimination, prejudice, wickedness and tyranny.  They are racist rules; not only against the American race; but even the human race! ~ [Repent ]
     Previous Congresses plus this Congress' Dinos & Rinos (Profile) are enslaving their own children and grand children!  As you observe the bondage graphic above imagine the flip side of letting the people be free.  Imagine the energy, strength and creativity.  Imagine the productivity!    [Back]

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