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    I was confirming some of my web page links and re-checked this one: 
and thought you might enjoy looking at it.
   Continuing with this theme are 2 videos links (7 min each) on that page, relinked below, that are about outrageous judges that reminded me of 2 local events i.e. Terry Schiavo (unconstitutionally murdered by Judge Greer, starved to death by Sheriff Rice.); and, Greg Pound whose family was unconstitutionally destroyed by the Federally funded Dept of Children and Families but was codified with Chapter 39 of the FL statues.  Many of us heard first hand about the atrocities inflicted upon each person and these videos are evidence for eliminating from FL. all Federal subsidies, loans, ear marks, pilot programs etc. etc. etc.
    Check out the videos here demonstrating
nation wide corruption:  

Deconstructing America Part I .   You heard of redistribution of wealth here's redistribution of children!  Never retain any Family Court Judges or Dept of Children and Family Judges.
Deconstructing America Part II
.  It is caused by Federal grants i.e. bribes.   
    We have more work to do than just the elections.
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PS (2/15/12)
  1. Locally in Pinellas County, FL we have the same Federal and State corruption.  Greg Pound's web site of nightmares that document numerous judicial abuses: http://www.rescuemykids.com/(Multiple videos of first hand accounts, about 90 minutes total.)
  2. Codified Corruption:
  3. Email this page to your state reps and ask him what he thinks about it and what he can do to correct it.