2010 Pinellas County School Board Candidates.
Primary Election:  August 24, 2010
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KEY:  A = Agree ; D = Disagree ; U = Undecided i.e. 100% = 59 Principles of Constitutional Republic.
KEY:  Y/N responses:  I understand the legacy and consequences of my actions in public service because I have: 1) children (Y/N).  2) grandchildren (Y/N) . 3) other local family (Y/N). 4) an active faith (Y/N).
KEY:  FTR = Failed To Respond.
Ballot Candidate Survey School Board District Candidate (contact) Their Own Comments
REP 59 "A's" + Y,Y,Y,Y  District 2, At Large    Fonda Huff (NP)  Teacher retired
REP FTR  District 2At Large Terry B. Krassner (NP) Principal retired won
REP        FTR         District 3At Large   Greg Hunsinger (NP) Teacher (retired?)
REP FTR  District 3At Large Peggy O'Shea [I] (NP) [I] (nothing shown) won
DEM        FTR         District 6        Brian David Hawley (NP) Teacher and Local Union Rep.
DEM FTR  District 6 Linda Lerner [I] (NP)  [I] since 1990 [ voted for condom sex ed.] won
DEM        FTR         District 7           Keisha Bell (NP) Attorney 
DEM FTR  District 7 James "Jim" Jackson (NP) ACLU Bd member
DEM 48 "A's" + Y,N,Y,Y  District 7 Lewis "Lew" Williams (NP) Area II Superintendent retired won

 Party affiliations are current as of 2010 and are shown to highlight the lack of significance of the Non Partisan status for SB seats.
 8/08/10:  Updated VG: removed 2nd follow up notes and added:  FTR
LMTCMB = Left Message To Call Me Back. ; Resent pdf by email.
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