2010 Pinellas County Candidates - PRIMARY ELECTION.
Primary Election:  August 24, 2010
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KEY:  FTR = Failed To Respond ,  A = Agree ; D = Disagree ; U = Undecided (59 Principles = 100% Const. gov.)
KEY:  Y/N responses:  
I understand the legacy and consequences of my actions in public service because I have: 1) children (Y/N).  2) grandchildren (Y/N) . 3) other local family (Y/N). 4) an active faith (Y/N).
Party Candidate Survey      District       Candidate (contact)
 DEM        FTR        Congressional District 9 Anita de Palma
 DEM FTR Congressional District 9 Phil Hindahl
 DEM FTR                Congressional District 11 Kathy Castor  [I]                  
 DEM   50 "A's" + Y,Y,Y,Y                   Congressional District 11 Tim Curtis
 REP FTR Congressional District 11 Eddie Adams, Jr
 REP FTR Congressional District 11 Tony Buntyn
 REP 59 "A's" + Y,Y,Y,Y  Congressional District 11 Thomas C. Castellano
 REP FTR Congressional District 11 Mike Prendergast
 REP 59 "A's" + Y,Y,N,Y  FL State Legislature Dist. 45 Fabian Calvo
 REP FTR FL State Legislature Dist. 45 Richard Corcoran
 REP FTR FL State Legislature Dist. 45 Kathryn E. Starkey  
 REP FTR Congressional Dist. 48 Marg Baker
 REP 22 "A's" + N,N,N,Y Congressional Dist. 48 Steven Mueller
 REP FTR Congressional Dist. 48 Peter F Nehr [I]
 DEM  FTR Congressional Dist. 55 Darryl Ervin Rouson [I]
 DEM  FTR Congressional Dist. 55 April Danielle Sheffield
 REP FTR County Commission Dist 14 Beverley Billiris
 REP    59 "A's" + Y,N,Y,Y    County Commission Dist 14 Carl Folkman
 REP FTR County Commission Dist 14 Susan Latvala [I] [voted for condom based sex ed.(`96 sch bd.)]
  [l] "I" stands for incumbent.  ;    Additional suggestions for conservative candidates in bottom box. ;    (NP) = Non Partisan
Ballot Candidate Survey School Board District Candidate (contact)
REP 59 "A's" + Y,Y,Y,Y  District 2, At Large    Fonda Huff (NP)  Teacher retired          
REP FTR  District 2At Large Terry B. Krassner (NP) Principal retired
REP        FTR         District 3At Large   Greg Hunsinger (NP) Teacher (retired?)   [Said "Yes" to homo lib. books.]
REP FTR  District 3At Large Peggy O'Shea [I] (NP) [I] (nothing shown)
DEM        FTR             District 6           Brian David Hawley (NP) Teacher and Local Union Rep.
DEM        FTR             District 6 Linda Lerner [I] (NP)  [I] since 1990 [ voted for condom sex ed.]
DEM        FTR         District 7              Keisha Bell (NP) Attorney 
DEM FTR  District 7 James "Jim" Jackson (NP) ACLU Bd member
DEM 48 "A's" + Y,N,Y,Y  District 7 Lewis "Lew" Williams (NP) Area II Superintendent retired      
US Senator: Marco Rubio ; Congress Dist. 5 Jason Sager, Governor: Rick Scott; Attorney General: Jeff Kottkamp; Circuit Judges 6th Circuit: Group 18 Patricia "Trish" Muscarella; Group 20 Tom Ramsberger; Group 27 Keith Meyer; Group 29 Michael Francis Andrews; Group 30 Kimberly "Kim" Todd;  County Judge Group 8 Thomas B. Freeman
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