2010 Pinellas County Candidates - GENERAL ELECTION.
Election:  Nov 2, 2010
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KEY:  FTR = Failed To Respond ,  A = Agree ; D = Disagree ; U = Undecided (59 Principles = 100% Const. gov.)
KEY:  Y/N responses:  
I understand the legacy and consequences of my actions in public service because I have: 1) children (Y/N).  2) grandchildren (Y/N) . 3) other local family (Y/N). 4) an active faith (Y/N).
Party Candidate Survey      District       Candidate  (contact info.  link.)
 DEM FTR Congressional District 9 Anita de Palma
 REP FTR Congressional District 9 Gus Michael Bilirakis [I]   dot
 DEM FTR Congressional District 10 Charlie Justice
 REP FTR Congressional District 10 C. W. Bill Young [I]  dot
 DEM FTR Congressional District 11 Kathy Castor  [I]                  
 REP FTR Congressional District 11 Mike Prendergast   dot
DEM FTR FL House Dist  48 Tom McKone
REP FTR FL House Dist  48 Peter F Nehr [I]  dot
DEM FTR FL House Dist. 50 Shelly Leonard
REP FTR FL House Dist. 50 Ed Hooper [I]  dot
DEM FTR FL House Dist 51 Janet C. Long [I]
REP FTR FL House Dist 51 Larry Ahern     dot
TEA FTR FL House Dist 51 Victoria A. Torres 
DEM FTR FL House Dist. 52 Bill Heller [I]
REP FTR FL House Dist. 52 Jeff Brandes  dot
DEM FTR FL House Dist 53 Rick Kriseman [I]
REP FTR FL House Dist 53 Thomas R. Cuba  dot
DEM FTR FL House Dist 54 Mary Russell
REP FTR FL House Dist 54 James C. "Jim" Frishe [I]  dot
 DEM  FTR FL Senate District 16 Hayden, Nina
 REP  FTR FL Senate District 16 Latvala, Jack
DEM FTR County Commission - Dist 2, At Large Calvin D. Harris [I]
REP 54 "A's" + Y,N,Y,Y County Commission - Dist 2, At Large Norm Roche   dot
DEM FTR County Commission - Dist 4 Bob Hackworth  dot
REP 43 "A's" + Y,-,-,Y County CommissionDist 4 Susan Latvala [I]
Ballot Candidate Survey School Board District Candidate (contact)
DEM FTR  District 7 James "Jim" Jackson (NP) ACLU Bd member
DEM 48 "A's" + Y,N,Y,Y  District 7 Lewis "Lew" Williams (NP) Area II Superint. retired   dot
US Senator: Marco Rubio; Governor/LT. Gov: Rick Scott/Jennifer Carroll; Attorney General: Pam Bondi; C.F.O: Jeff Atwater, Comm. Of Agr: Adam Putnam, Circuit Judges 6th Circuit: Grp. 18  "Trish" Muscarella; Grp. 27 Keith Meyer;
Florida Supreme Court - Retention:  Yes = Charles Canady, No = Jorge Labarga, No = James  Perry, Yes = Ricky Polston
District Court of Appeals - Retention:
  No = Marva Crenshaw, No = Patricia Kelly, No = Nelly Khouzam, No = Robert Morris, No = Stevan Northcutt, No = Craig Villanti, No = Douglas Wallace.

Amendments:  Amend. 1=Yes;  Amend. 2=Yes;  Amend. 4=No;  Amend. 5=YES , Amend. 6=Yes;  Amend. 8=Yes
Nonbinding Statewide Advisory Referendum: = YES  |  County Charter: = Yes
CC-FLa produced Pinellas GENERAL Voter Guide:  [Gov, Atty Gen, Cong. & Senate]:   http://www.ccfla.org/guides.php