Hi Team,
   I know someone that is verrrry conservative that knows all the candidates pretty well.
Below are his picks that I am going by, also.  This is his opinion but I trust his judgement.

Here is "the list" of judges that our friend thinks will be the most conservative. By most conservative, he means least liberal as most of these candidates are lawyers and therefore liberal!!!

I'm not telling anyone who to vote for, just sharing information:

Group 18 - Trish Muscarella

Group 20 - Tom Ramsberger

Group 27 - Keith Meyer - Young guy. With the right mentorship will be an excellent judge

Group 29 - Michael Andrews is a fair judge, a little rude in the courtroom but tough on criminals
Group 29 - Deborah Moss is a "liberal we can live with". I think the edge goes to Andrews.

Group - 30 - Kim Todd - Also with the right mentorship will do well

In the county race
Group 8 -  Thomas Freeman
Hope this helps,