A Blog Of Tech Support Q&A's Regarding Setup of Regular Expression Filters in cPanel.

How to Stop Top Level Email Spammer IPs With Regular Expression Filters in cPanel.

New England Primer Home School Textbook.

      The sister page to this blog describes the ultimate goals (neprimer.com/ePress/articles/2010/IP-FiltersRegEx.html)  and refinement(s) to date.  This page will start fresh and blog all of the tech support Q&A that will setup the User Level Filters in cPanel.   I have no connection with any of the 3rd party software companies nor any authority to directly inquire of them.  They only provide support to licensed users.
      Since cPanel seems to be the last and most difficult to implement, PART 4 of 4  will be the start of this page with the other PARTs in descending order.        [Your (my) ticket system password is "5.....", and you can login at https://tickets.hostgator.com/login ]

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PART 4 of 4  The Application.  (cPanel)
  Hostgator.com Tech Support:  866-964-2867  

5.12.10  11:26 am EST
The following headers are from the only email to make it to the  /Junk folder per cPanel filters.  This after about 2+ weeks.  The problem with this is that there are no "BAD IPs" in the headers so it should not have been redirected to /.Junk.
Cc:  staff(a)neprimer.com
Date:  Wed, 12 May 2010 10:26:53 -0500 [10:26:53 AM CDT]
Delivery-date:  Wed, 12 May 2010 10:26:56 -0500
Envelope-to:  staff222(a)neprimer.com
From:  staff222(a)neprimer.com
Message-Id:  <E1OCDpl-000219-KR(a)gator145.hostgator.com>
  • from neprim by gator145.hostgator.com with local (Exim 4.69) (envelope-from <neprim(a)gator145.hostgator.com>) id 1OCDpl-000219-KR; Wed, 12 May 2010 10:26:53 -0500
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Subject:  New England Primer Order "big" (2010 mailtemp=rt.)

     Set up Bad IPs Reg Ex Filters on staff(a)neprimer.com  with redirect to /.Trash.  Later redirected to /.Junk and to date 5.12.10 have received no good emails to inbox and found one Good emails in /.Junk where Bad should be.  Where are the Good emails going?
4.13.10 8:30am
 RE: Ticket # JKM13297987
         A prior day's telecon w/HostGator (HG) revealed that cPanel gives me the choice to "Redirect email to folder"  /.Trash at User Level   or  "Redirect email to folder" tried staff3?? at Account Level Filters no good.  Also by filling in the Redirect field with anything but the drop down selection will create a folder that will not show up in the account and has to be subscribed to in order to see if the filter is working.  These new folders can be seen /deleted from the cPanel File Manager.
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PART 3 of 4  The Filters.  (Regular Expressions)




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PART 2 of 4  Verify The IPs Geo Locations of Registration For Jurisdiction.




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PART 1 of 4  The constraints and the goals.  (Philosophy.)

Once USA jurisdiction is established follow up emails to the appropriate "abuse" authorities can put a stop to spammers and abusers.