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 10.14.10 Update:  There has been considerable disagreement on these amendments.  The latest and greatest is that someone other than the legislature would be in control of redistricting.  Here is some background on the FL state statutes that govern redistricting:  
  1. Anybody can submit a redistricting plan: http://www.flsenate.gov/ .  The House's - Redistricting.pdf  (PDF)  says the FL Supreme Court and US Supreme Court are required by the constitution(s) to review the legislature's approved plan.
  2. Article III, Section 20  is the place where Amend 6 goes.)  Adds a new section 20 to Article III "Section 20. STANDARDS FOR ESTABLISHING CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT BOUNDARIES".
  3. Article III, Section 21   is the place where Amend 5 goes.)  Adds a new section 21 to Article III  "Section 21. STANDARDS FOR ESTABLISHING LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT BOUNDARIES".
  4. Examples of 2000 statistics:  Census and Election Statistics (127KB PDF) ;  District by County Statistics (21KB PDF)
  5. Submitted lists: 20 Senate Plans for Congress re: 2000 census:  Redistricting Plans Submitted to the Senate (2002 Session) 
  6. Submitted lists: 20 House Plans for Congress re: 2000 census:  House-Sponsored Redistricting Plans
  7. 2002 Map of former Sen Jack Latvala's redistricting plan showing District 11 in 3 counties:  Statewide Map (266KB PDF)  Enlarge to 300% and look at District 11.
crazy Dist 11

       I will vote Yes on these amendments because I want my representative to have these activities in common with me: accountable to our common, local community, under the auspices of the local election board, drinking the same water, owning property in our common county, raising a family and living in the same community, educating their kids or/and grandkids in the same schools, or kids working in the same local industries.  I want his local office in a familiar place and easy to drive to.
        By the same token I want him to be familiar with the local party politics and politicians who also live, own property and educate their kids in the same community.  And who are knowledgeable of the local industries, not those that are different, competing and 100+ miles away.  I want him to be an expert on 
our common county area, paying similar taxes and subject to the same court jurisdictions.
        I want a representative who understands the legacy and consequences of his actions and his votes in public service because they will affect his own flesh and blood for generations.
        I want a representative that knows How To Vote [file] The Principles of Republicracy, irrespective of party, that will stand against the Dinos, Iinos and Rinos whose victimizing policy platforms are selfish, immoral, liberal, socialist democracy that moves toward mobacracy, tyranny and chaos.
        This is what I think is important about redistricting; and that now is the time to do it.

     "The role of the religious representative is relentlessly trying to keep fools from destroying [their own family] by erecting life preserving [moral] barriers based on God's wisdom principles."   R. Klenk Sr.
     "Every Executive Order, Judicial Decree or Law is a line drawn in the sand.  On one side is Right on the other side is Wrong.  This is the DEFINITION of morality.  It follows that the Character of those who draw the lines in the sand is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT !"   R. Klenk Sr.

"Strong local self-government preserves human freedom."
W. Cleon Skousen p. 235 The 5000 Year Leap, Principals of Freedom 101.

`How they VOTE reveals what they believe about your:
 money, children, family, Constitution(s) and God irrespective of what they say.