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From: rek
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2009

    In response to your SAC questions below, I didn't know that bylaws existed for public school SACs.  Maybe the principal misspoke and is calling the SAC improvement programs bylaws instead.  When I was involved with SAC the "rules" seemed to be mysteriously located at the school board or in some FL legislation; and, all of the "improvements" allowed were on the school board's approved list.  So it was just a waste of the parents' time.  Shockingly one of the SAC officers was called a "legislative adviser" who apparently reported to the legislature or govt committee!  If I was doing SAC, I would be suspicious that the bylaw rewrite was a diversionary tactic to keep parents busy and keep them out of the issues that would really improve the education of the children.  If I were involved the first thing I would try to find out from my state rep. is what is the current law?  Is a "bylaws" rewrite on the agenda?  If so, what does the legislature allow?  If not, what does the principal want?  Maybe he is trying to really help his school children succeed.  How is this SAC issue different from previous SAC policies?  And how is it that one school SAC can write it's own bylaws, or every school's bylaws?  That's why I think the principle misspoke and used the bylaw word instead of school improvement programs - maybe after 15 years the schools have need of a new improvement list!
    If this email sounds pessimistic it's because my experience with SAC's proved that any ELECTIVE classes or materials such as phonics, ethics, Bible study or for that matter ANY TEACHING OR EDUCATION MATERIALS were eliminated from the SAC improvements agenda.  So the well meaning parents' efforts to actually improve a public school child's learning and success were wasted and diverted.
    BTW Mark should become familiar with this SAC tactic:
Using The Delphi Technique to Achieve Consensus: ; Why 'Consensus' is NOT a scientific word. ; (Dinos and Rinos (profile) use this a lot.  You can observe its use in biased and weak political, social and scientific realms, speeches and reports.) ( I first saw this used in a FL elementary school "School Advisory Committee" (SAC) about 1993 to quash all parental improvement plans.   The way it works is the 6 SAC parents do a fine job designing an effective improvement learning objective say Phonics.  The next step is that it is submitted by the "legislative adviser" to the school faculty say 40 school employees for review and they decide "by consensus" not to use it.  No appeals, parents thwarted, students lose, dumbed down stupid wins.  - ed.)   , The Delphi Technique — What Is It?
    Someone recently asked me for a list of the problems with public education.  This book and book review  pretty much answers that inquiry: 
Allen Quist FedEd: The New Federal Curriculum and How It's Enforced. 2002, Maple River Education Coalition  (A brief book review is available here: - ed.)

Here is another at Amazon:  
The Harsh Truth About Public Schools [Paperback] Bruce N. Shortt
Here is famous The IndoctriNation video (30 min. Youtube)
    Homeschooling is an extremely superior alternative. (See )
RE Klenk,

Marilyn wrote:
   Isn't this what some of us (you on have been saying for 10 years?
   Mark told me the principal at Ashley's school wants all new members on SAC this year and wants to re write the by-laws.
   Did you know about SAC having by-laws? 

Sincerely, Marilyn P.

Howdy Folks,

School espouses benefits of phonics-based education
Pete Chagnon - OneNewsNow - 9/1/2009 4:20:00 AM
A franchise school is pushing for a return to phonics-based education.

Children's Lighthouse is a nationwide franchise that uses the accredited A Beka curriculum. Vice President of operations Rose Morelock says she does not know why schools have abandoned the phonics approach over the last few decades, when it has been a proven method. She adds that individuals ages 12 to 27 years old most likely have been taught to read using the whole language method, which is why Morelock believes individuals in that age group have difficulty reading. ....

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