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The Universal; Non Partisan; Candidate Questionnaire Email Report
(2009) City of St. Petersburg Municipal Elections

General (11/3/09)

Qualified Candidates

This Report online:

Candidate Instructions & Qu's.:

1. Please answer as to the statement's truth or accuracy rather than it's legality since some of the

statements might be currently unlawful. Please respond to each item with one of these letters:

A = Agree ; D = Disagree ; U = Undecided.

2. Please answer, Yes/No, at the end of the following statements. I understand the legacy and

consequences of my actions in public service because I have: 1) children (Y/N) ___ .

2) grandchildren (Y/N) ___ . 3) other local family (Y/N) ___ . 4) an active faith (Y/N) ___ .

Voter Guide: A's D's U's Blank: Total 4 Qu.'s


Kathleen Ford

"DNR" (Did Not Respond - Sent political ad.)

David W. “Bill” Foster

FTR (Failed To Respond)

District 2

In the interest of non

Stephen J. Corsetti

FTR (Failed To Respond)

partisan, voter education

James R. Kennedy Jr. 19 3 6 31 59 Y, - , - , -
please email this page, by

attaching it to email, &

District 4

print it out on paper and

Leslie Curran

FTR (Failed To Respond)

distribute to your friends,

Pamella E Settlegoode 43 15 1 0 59 Y, -, Y, Y
and family, neighbors &


District 5

Steven L. Kornell

FTR (Failed To Respond)

Angela Rouson

FTR (Failed To Respond)

District 6

Karl J. Nurse

FTR (Failed To Respond)

Vel Thompson

FTR (Failed To Respond)

District 8

Jeff Danner

FTR (Failed To Respond)

Leonard Schmiege

FTR (Failed To Respond)


City Charter Amendment Providing for Consistency in Filling

Vacancies on City Council.

Shall the City Charter be amended to provide for a consistent procedure for the filling of vacancies on City

Council regardless of the Council Member's district or the reason for the vacancy?



Charter Amendment Permitting Charter Changes by Ordinance When

Required by the Supervisor of Elections Limitations.

Shall the City Charter be amended to clarify that a City Ordinance, rather than referendum, may be

used to change the election dates and qualifying dates when required by limitations of the Pinellas

County Supervisor of Elections which prevent the Supervisor of Elections from supporting and conducting

the election in the manner prescribed by the City Charter?


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