Links to ``Dates That Destroyed America`` i.e. Goals for Rebuilding, or
How should We vote to rebuild?

        The link to the following article presents a very nice outline for "The People" to visualize the 12 egregious Congressional violations of The Constitution in order to repair and rebuild The Nation.  One way to use this article is as a check list to "envision a Pristine Constitutional Republicracy".   Another of the many items not listed in this article is the Commerce Clause debacle acerbated by The Supreme Court.  

Dates That Destroyed America
Dates That Destroyed America Chuck Baldwin | Published: Thursday, October 27, 2016 | It has been three years since I wrote on this subject. Readership of this column has grown substantially since then. Therefore, I am sure many people have not read my sentiments on this topic. So, here is my list of dates that I believe have helped, and are helping, to destroy our country and why.


        If you got here by search engine and wonder how to repair and rebuild the nation, here is a nice short book review that you will be glad you read.  

A Practical Application and Book Review of:
  'THE 5000 YEAR LEAP.'  A MIRACLE That Changed the World Principles of Freedom 101.
 by W. Cleon Skousen  , 

         This video is included in the book review link above but you will want to see how the "Dates" above and the video relate together in the book review and how they form goals for rebuilding.

red check in boxFor a quick 10 minute overview of PART I. of W. Cleon Skousen's book and "The Rule of Law", see this video :  What is a Constitutional Republic? - YouTube 10 min .  (Highly Recommended. but to download this video on Dialup might take an hour or so but is well worth the time.  You could save it and review it with your friends and family.)

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