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> "A Parent of Public School Graduates. 2003" wrote:
> This is the activist Judge that unconstitutionally ordered Terri Schiavo's death by judicial decree and his official contact info.

> Our local Supervisors of Election is Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections  727-464-6108 , here's a link:
>   Level: State FL
>   Type: Sixth Judicial Circuit Court
>   Office: Judge of the Circuit Court Group 18
>   Term Length: 6 years
>   Next Election: 11/2/2004 (Did not run in 2010)
>   Precincts: Click here to view list.  Elected Official 
>   Name: George W. Greer 
>   Elected without Opposition:  No
>   Eligible for Reelection: Yes
>            Official/Office Address         Website:

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> Sincerely, REK

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Hear Terri Schiavo laughing.
Hear Terri Schiavo laughing!
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1.  Here is a online petition you can SIGN citing the 38 miscarriages of justice by Judge George Greer which have not been remedied.

The Impeach Judge George W. Greer of Florida's Sixth Judicial Circuit Petition to Florida House of Representatives
2.   Search Sheriff Rice

3.  View our JudicialAppointmentsFL.html page.

2011 More Videos of Terri:
The eyes of the nation were on a young woman, Terri Schindler-Schiavo, ( who was the subject of an intense legal battle between pro-life and pro-death forces. (Search for more Terri)

  1. FATHER'S ARMED STAND-OFF SAVES SON FROM HOSPITAL EXECUTION - YouTube  Published on Dec 26, 2015 | A father took a gun into hospital to stop doctors taking his son off life support - and during the three-hour stand-off the young man squeezed his hand. ... The sign that he wasn't brain dead meant he was kept alive - and he is now recovering and doing well.  Another example of western medicine Terri Schiavo style. What happened to "first do no harm"?   Another example of western medicine Terri Schiavo style. What happened to "first do no harm"?

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