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Sexual Promiscuity, The Legal Liability Associated with Homosexuality Education in Public Schools.   

[ The Legal Liability Associated with Homosexuality Education in Public Schools.pdf by Liberty Counsel for Citizens for Community Values  (Email: info(a)ccv.org), (12 pgs.) ]
Legal Liability Associated with Homosexuality in Public Schools
From: RE Klenk email see ../contactus.html 
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005
To: "School Board of Pinellas County. FL" (some eMail addresses were intentionally obfuscated to thwart eMail harvesting malware.) ?Board(a)pcsb?org>, Frank Farkas District 52 <farkas.frank(a)leg.state.fl.us>, Frank Farkas <frank.farkas(a)myfloridahouse.gov>, "Kenneth T. Welch Commission representative on the Juvenile Welfare Board of Directors" <kwelch(a)pinellascounty.org>, Leslie Waters District 51 <waters.leslie(a)leg.state.fl.us>
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Dear Janet Clark, Mary Russell, Mary Brown, Linda Lerner, Carol Cook, Nancy Bostock, Jane Gallucci [Pinellas County School Board (SB) Members 1996-2008] AND CURRENT MEMBERS. (2008 =  Nina Hayden,  Robin Wilke.)

04/01/16 ; CHECK out these links for the current board members and contact them individually: Pinellas County School Board Members; Ph (727) 588-6300
: Janet Clark ['12 Dist 1]; Peggy O'Shea ['10 Dist 3] ; Mary Brown ['10 Dist 7] ; Linda Lerner ['10 Dist 6] ; Carol Cook ['12 Dist 5] ; Nina Hayden ['12 Dist 2.]], Robin Wilke ['12 ] ['16 SB Dist 4 ] , [NEW: Pinellas County School Board (SB) Member terms are 4 years and the next election cycles are 2012 and 2016, Link to local nonpartisian voter guide (file)]
       As a parent and citizen of Pinellas County, FL I wanted to remind the current school board of two previous major board decisions that were contrary to the safety of our children and which should be reversed.  The subject of this email, "The Legal Liability Associated with Homosexuality Education in Public Schools" by Citizens for Community Values [ http://www.ccv.org and available from:  http://www.lc.org/Uploads/files/pdf/school_liability_report.pdf ] speaks to the SB vote (4-3, as shown in the 1999 minutes per paragraph 11c. where Mr. L. Benjamin (now retired), Mrs. J. Gallucci, Mrs. L. Lerner (current SB member) and Mrs. S. Latvala (current County Commissioner) approved adding 'sexual orientation' to Policy 1.05 Non-Discrimination/Affirmative Action ; See paragraph 11c. http://www.pinellas.k12.fl.us/board/minutes/1999/apr/27apr99.pdf .  This is the first bad decision that I would recommend that you reconsider and reverse.  When you (monolithic socialistic government schools) are responsible for tempting and leading minor school children under your care into promiscuous homosexual behavior that is not normal and not healthy, but risks death by disease or risks disability by being a life time carrier of certain incurable Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), that care is fraudulent.  When the children become adults and realize that they were helpless, defenseless, mentally seduced and recruited victims of the school board who promoted lies and fraud to their detriment, some of them will seek truth, justice and damages.  Recall the months of adverse national news attention and expense to the Catholic Church; they were finally and  involuntarily moved civilly and criminally by the victims seeking justice even decades after the abuse.  Just in case a class action law suit is the only thing that will get your attention, I have carbon copied (CC'd) some local Personal Injury Attorneys (see also Links below).  I have published this email on my web site [http://neprimer.com/ePRESS/Sexually-Promiscuous-Public-Schools.htm] to advertise your progress.  Perhaps local parents or families thinking of relocating here can become informed about this real threat to their child's life and health by the local public schools.  The sooner you recommit, voluntarily or involuntarily, to protect our children the better will be the children's health, life and future.  Please find linked to this page some documents that should assist your victims and their attorneys concerning: WHAT YOU KNEW and WHEN YOU KNEW IT.  
(Update, 2/11/08: SEXUAL ORIENTATION - Abnormal Sexual Behavior List.   CAUTION ADULT MATERIAL.  This is a list of 28 abnormal sexual behaviors that constitute "Sexual Orientation" and are 'criminal behaviors' and high risk for STD's.  These behaviors are abnormal and criminal because they are relationship destroyers and health destroyers both mental and physical.  Our minor kids need to be protected and the criminals punished.  But some of our elected school board officials are pro promiscuity and are pro deviant sex and it should be boldly told that children are unsafe and harmed ON CAMPUS by this policy and these criminal behaviors.  Does not this constitute "conscious indifference" or "deliberate indifference" where monetary damages are probable.  Your school board is complicit at least in the crime of abetting the delinquency of 100,000+ minors!  (see also: "Trust Hormone" and "sexual abuse": search Google. 6/08) - ed.)

       The second school board decision about sexual promiscuity actually predates the one above, but demonstrates a promiscuous and predatory SB attitude, and should also be reconsidered and reversed.  Note  the SB vote (5-2, as shown in the 1996 minutes per paragraph 9b.  where Mrs. Thacker (ret.), Mr. L. Benjamin (ret.), Mrs. S. Latvala (Cty Comm.), Mrs. L. Lerner (SB) and Mrs. L. Casey (ret.?)) approved eliminating Abstinence Only sex ed. and eliminating responsible relationships and condoning and adding CONDOMS instruction: See paragraphs 9 - 9b. http://www.pinellas.k12.fl.us/board/minutes/1996/apr/10apr96.pdf  .  You might be thinking that you have a lot of parents that are pro condoms and want that instruction for their kids.  If you were honest with these parents and told them what it would cost them in $$$$  money to diagnose and treat their children that have an STD, a lot of them would change their position to Abstinence Only.   The CDC has authored a study that is published on several web sites (see Estimated Direct Medical Cost link below) that estimates the life time health costs for treating just 8 of the 20+ STD's: the HIV STD costs $199,000.00 and the next most expensive STD is $1,228.00 , the next $511.00, the next $444.00, etc..  I think most pro condom moms would prefer not to have their child get infected in the first place and personally not suffer "a substantial economic burden."  (see PDF Table of costs in Estimated Direct Medical Cost link on this page.)  Show me you care enough to stop promoting sexual promiscuity and teach Abstinence Only because 'Abstinence is always 100% effective'.   By the way those 'costs'  are direct costs only.  In other words they do not include the time and expense of driving to different pharmacies, doctors appointments, clinics, hospitals nor the anxious times (mental stress) waiting for test results; nor, the time and travel expenses of continuously suffering repeated medical tests, picking up doctor's prescriptions, drugs and/or other compounded health maintenance costs of potential later complications to their descendants.  I think if you give pro condom moms the whole truth they would much prefer being a soccer mom with Abstinent Only kids.

Links:    Links::

Parents Can Opt Out of Sex Ed.  These 2 links go to AFA of MI.  These letters are valid in all 50 states.

Parents Curriculum Evaluator by Dr. Judith Reisman  ; How To Booklet,  [7/08 Now Free Booklet here: PDF (1.1 Mb)] 

15 Good Reasons to Oppose ‘Sexual Orientation’ (Homosexuality) Codes in Schools  http://web.archive.org/web/20090511113301/http://www.cwfa.org/articledisplay.asp?id=2894&department=CFI&categoryid=resources   . [current 9/28/05]

AIDS STUDY DATA FAKED: Researchers admit their study, claiming "safe sex" practices, is based on fraud.  [ try archive: http://web.archive.org/web/20040217210040/http://www.family.org/cforum/fnif/news/a0029191.cfm ]

Personal Injury Attorneys - (Parents find one near you.)  Largo, 5 mi radius of School Board Office;

Personal Injury Attorneys (N. county)  Dunedin FL 34698
Personal Injury Attorneys (S. county)   St Pete FL 33701
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UpDate link 3/2007  The Estimated Direct Medical Cost of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among American Youth, 2000.  "CONCLUSIONS: The large number of infections acquired by persons aged 15–24 and the high cost per case of viral STDs, particularly HIV, create a substantial economic burden.", [ $6.5 BILLION ] PDF Table 1 from CDC authored study. [http://www.search.com/search?q="3601104.html"]

UpDate link 3/29/13  Now [ $16.5 BILLION ]  Click to download CDC's 2013 Report in STI-Estimates-Fact-Sheet-Feb-2013.pdf (or here) with more charts with 2008 statistics. (Why are the latest statistics five years old?).

Commentary: Children of the Night: Child Prostitution Is America’s Dirty Secret, 
By John W. Whitehead July 28, 2008;  
"The National Economic Burden of STD's"
2013 CDC Report on 2008 Statistics (Slow emergency?)Click image to enlarge.
Note to Parents,
I think public schools have abused and broken the public trust through multiple erroneous ways, policies, curricula, etc..  I don't know when or how they can earn it back.  I have observed 40 years of reforms and it isn't right yet.  You should seriously consider alternate methods of educating your precious children, where school accountability isn't a pie in the sky pipe dream.
Note to BCC's,
Although this isn't our typical email nor is it from the typical source (.com vs .org), I think it somewhat qualifies under our mutual concern for "our public school children".  Anyway, minor children infected with STD's may be coming soon, to ( are in ) a school near you!  To check whether these policies and procedures apply to your local SB you might request an answer from them in writing concerning these issues.  The citizens of the Pinellas County school district can NOT trust our local newspapers to expose school abuse, corruption, lies and deceit; I doubt yours will either.
Sincerely, RE Klenk, - If you don't vote your values, they will make evil legal.- We can't legislate salvation but we must legislate morality. - rek (727-526-4790)

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UpDates 2012:  UpDates 9/4/12  New Links from  CitizenLink  |  True Tolerance Parents’ Bill of Rights for Public Schools. + Red Flags Parents Can Watch For  |
UpDates 3/14/12  If you’ve had sex with multiple partners, you may be surprised about the extent of your exposure. Remember, it’s never too late, to wait until you’re married, that is. See:  Sexual Exposure Chart by Ixquick Search for prevalence of hiv in 13-29 age group and more.  

UpDates 6/24/10"  Facts About Youth A project of the American College of Pediatricians®

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UpDate 10/2007:  Please see the following article emphasizing another states' issues with deviant teachers.

UpDate 5/2007:

UpDate 5/2007: Courtroom Shakedown , http://www.the-tidings.com/2006/0901/maierthree.htm  ; UpDate link 3/2007:
  "Sexual abuse is rampant in public schools, so why do lawyers aim their fire at the Catholic Church?  It’s all about money."    by Francis X. Maier ; PDF Page 1 of 3. ; Page 2. ; Page 3.UpDated links 7.22.11

UpDate 7/2006:  Please see the following article emphasizing the lack money as the reason for the lack of justice and lack of access for redress by all minor public school victims of sexual crimes.  Legal protections for perverted NEA Teachers Union should be eliminated.

Call your state representatives and get the criminal and civil protections of government criminals removed.
Ask your teachers to change their union memberships: Christian Educators Assoc. International offers many of the same benefits, cheaper and without union bias. Their website is http://www.ceai.org.

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