`Men In Black`, Mark Levin 2005 Regnery Publishing, Inc.  [12/12/09 These quotes match our current Supreme Court see comments in.  JudicialAppointmentsFL.html#SCOTUS ]

     "It is as if many of these justices will rely on anything but the Constitution to guide their decision-making.  And there's a reason for this: The Court has so fundamentally altered its duties, and so completely rejected the limits placed on it by the Constitution's checks and balances and enumeration of powers, that the justices are in an endless search for extra-constitutional justifications and inventions to explain their activism.  The power they crave does not exist in the Constitution, which is why they must constantly skirt its provisions.
     Reliance on international law is a complete rejection of not only the roles of the other branches, for these are not decisions or laws reflective of their deliberations or actions, but the Constitution itself.
     Judicial activists are nothing short of radicals in robes—contemptuous of the rule of law, subverting the Constitution at will, and using their public trust to impose their policy preferences on society.  In fact, no radical political movement has been more effective in undermining our system of government than the judiciary.  And with each Supreme Court term, we hold our collective breath hoping the justices will do no further damage, knowing full well they will disappoint.  Such is the nature of judicial tyranny."
 (Men in Black page 22.)


     "There are several problems with th[e] judicial discipline system, especially from a public-accountability viewpoint.  There is no transparency to the process.  Complaints against judges are not published anywhere, nor is there any requirement that records of any evidence gathered to evaluate a complaint be published, nor are there set standards or procedures for handling complaints.  Each federal judicial district establishes its own procedural rules and the standards differ in each district.27  Judicial councils and the Judicial Conference are not required to conduct public hearings on a complaint.28  There is also no requirement that judges, judicial councils, or the Judicial Conference report to any governmental body about the results of investigations or deliberations."   (Men in Black  pg.  200.)

     "Furthermore, as a practical matter, these methods for removing judges are ill-suited for a systemic reform of the judiciary.  If impeachment by Congress has failed as a method to curb the judiciary power grab, it is foolish to thin that a process initiated and controlled by judges would effect anything other than minor changes.29 "
     "Probably more potent and practical than the removal of individual judge and justices is Congress's power to limit the Supreme Court's jurisdiction.  In 1996, for instance, Congress enacted the Illegal Immigration Reform an Immigrant Responsibility Act.  This act gave exclusive authority to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to determine whether an immigrant will be granted asylum, without the right to appeal to the courts.
30 " (Men in Black  pg.  200.)