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Update 5/25/15 concerns:  Adventures in Hydroxy Gas: Reducing Hexavalent Chromium in Waste Water  Reducing Hexavalent Chromium in Waste Water, UPDATED: 4 Aug 08, I had a viewer on YouTube leave me a comment about the dangers of Hexavalent Chromium in the waste water of my Hydroxy experiments.  This made me concerned about what it was I was doing, but the warning only told me to watch the movie "Erin Brokovich" to see how bad it was.  Oh, and don't throw away the water.
Update 10/10/11 (Slightly different analysis: This page suggests 35 hp, approximately, is required to go a constant 60 mph:  Theoretical Mileage of a Sedan Car  .)  (See also:  Engine+HHO-Fuel-Only.html  ).    (See also:  Engine-losses.htm  ).

Hi, Jeff
    BTW, I found a source that said it takes about 26 standard cubic feet (SCF).  Neglecting losses: 1 SCF = 1 ft^3 at 60 Deg F. of Hydrogen to produce 1 KW-Hr = 1.3 HP-Hr.  Or to rewrite it in 1 HP-Hr = .746 kw-hr = 19.4 SCF-Hr.  But 1 ft^3 = 28 Liters so that 19.4 SCF-Hr requires 543 Liters-Hr.  Some of those units for sale deliver only 28 to 75 liters /hr..  Right - only 1 to 3 HP!  
(Edit 10/11/11 Here is a link that produces 4 L/minute = 240 L/ Hr. )

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Hi, Jeff
    I am pretty sure this is just another form of releasing Brown's Gas.  I recently went to myth busters and read all about the Canada fellows project on making the cells for producing the gas.  The cells looked like Tupperware and his bubbler was a plastic coke bottle.  He tried it on his lawn mower.  It used stainless steel anodes and cathodes and he calculated the current and volts needed to produce "bubbles" etc. .  Any way somewhere in the literature he used baking soda as a catalyst which makes salt water.  The Canada fellow had calculated like 1.2-1.5 volts and .5 amps or something similar as the most efficient "power" per cell to generate the gas.  At the end he had made 5 or 6 cells to generate more volume presumably to use in his car.
    This guys setup
John Kanzius' Water Fuel Cell  used radio waves but his equipment looked pretty large but then it made a significantly larger flame than the Canada fellow.  It also looked like he used ordinary table salt which would be NaCl so it might not be to good to have all that Cl (chlorine) escaping.  Baking Soda probably would be better.  No one is writing about the consequences or by products of Brown's Gas generation.
    I tried to find the article again but dialup is too slow - taking too much time.
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