Subject:  Decadent Disney Land & Gay Days [ Decadent Disney Alert]
    Date:  Fri, 25 May 2001 
   From:  rek <See-home-page(a.)

    This is just our annual reminder [FYI ALERT] to parents and grandparents that school will be letting out in May/June.  Beware of going to Decadent Disney Land when school is out because that's the scheduled time for their 'Gay Days'.  I don't think it is an accident that they have scheduled it at a time when there is no school and that a maximum number of kids will be present.  If they didn't want to negatively influence the children and plant seeds for future recruitment, they would promote & practice safe and healthy behaviors with messages such as:

ABSTINENCE is always 100% effective!
    If you are going to take your kids to Decadent Land you ought to be prepared for what your children will see; hear and learn and what you will say about it.
    This link, , to the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services web site was broken on 10/18/2010 but said in the second to last paragraph, that:  [ I added italics text and emboldened text styles for emphasis.][ 10/18/10 link busted.]  [See related: ]
"STDs [Sexually Transmitted Diseases], including HIV infection, affect more than 65 million people in the United States. [ That's 1 in 5 American people ! ]  Many STDs can cause infertility, problems with pregnancy, ..... Long-term infection [ Life time infections No cures for viruses.] ... HPV can cause cervical cancer if not diagnosed (through annual pap smears) [Typically, No symptoms in teenagers ! ] and treated.  In addition, most STDs increase the likelihood of transmitting HIV infection at least 2 to 5-fold. [ That's 200-500% ! ] [Don't forget the under reported ABC connection: Abortion(s) can lead to Breast Cancer.]

Here is a 2012 update:
When will they learn this simple statement?  "A strange game.  The only winning move is not to play." from the movie 'War Games'.  
    Our American Ancestors provided a little bit of sex education in a book called the New England Primer, 1996 originally written for Primary level children i.e. grades 1-3.  I developed the "Puritan Parent's Sex Ed. Lesson" out of it.  You can read it or use it for free, see the link below.  This lesson is very rare today; it might benefit all of your children irrespective of their ages.
    This year we can provide references to others who are boycotting or informing families to not visit Disney:     Please consider forwarding this FYI ALERT to your friends, parents & grandparents.

Sincerely, REK


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