Subject: Christian Statesman refutes "you can't legislate morality"
From: RE Klenk <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 

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      A friend of mine who accepts the idea that "you can't legislate morality" had a strange answer when I questioned him about it.  I reasoned by his explanation that he meant "you can't legislate salvation" which is easy to accept.  However it seemed like he was equating morality with salvation as in legislating spirituality while I was thinking it meant legislating behavior.
      Anyway he challenged me to find anywhere in the Bible where Jesus made any laws.  This at first sounded like a daunting task that I probably would have to concede because of lack of time and intelligence.  However I have been subscribing to a magazine called "The Christian Statesman" and they have a web page that addresses this issue with Biblical references for each point.  It is entitled: Basic Principles of Christian Civil Government  [  or ] [ If the page is incomplete, try: ].  Although the 10 Commandments are not expressly listed, it seems the principles are embedded among the various points.  It also seems like God has given each nation a free will just like he gave to man to decide whether to acknowledge Him or believe in Him and govern himself accordingly  and receive the blessings or reject Him, His principles and suffer the consequences.
      I'm not suggesting that there is any national salvation as there is no church salvation except as individuals.  Just as there is a great fight over the spirit of man so is there a fight over the spirit of the church and over the spirit of the nation.
      Here are the main sub titles of the article:

      You won't get this kind of American civics education in the secular public school or church.  According to these ideas, that old adage "You shouldn't talk about politics or religion" should be changed to "You shouldn't talk about politics without religion."
      Here is a link to "The Original 'Fundamental Positions'" advocated by The Christian Statesman".  [If the page is incomplete, try:  ].    Among the list is "Nations are moral persons and are bound by the moral law."   Suppose we were to say "Corporations are moral persons and are bound by the moral law" which they are, examples: Enron and tobacco and others.  Their behavior is subject to legislation.  So it is not a stretch to say "Nations are moral persons and are bound by the moral law."

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RE Klenk,  - We cannot legislate salvation but we must legislate morality.- rek 

"Every Executive Order, Judicial Decree or Law is a line drawn in the sand.  On one side is Right on the other side is Wrong.  This is the DEFINITION of morality.  It follows that the Character of those who draw the lines in the sand is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT !" - If you don't vote your values, they will make evil legal.- rek
You can't legislate morality if you don't have any.
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