Subject:        November 2nd Ballot 2004
   Date:        Tue, 3 Aug 2004
   From:        Glenn.......
      To:         plato727.....
The following are the amendments for the November ballot I thought you may want to have them.  See ref: ....................................

The following eight proposed constitutional amendments will be on the ballot on Nov. 2, 2004:

Number 1 - Ballot Title: Parental Notification of a Minor's Termination of Pregnancy
Ballot Summary: Proposing an amendment to the state Constitution to authorize the Legislature to require by general law for notification to a parent or guardian of a minor before the termination of the minor's pregnancy. The amendment provides that the Legislature shall not limit or deny the privacy rights guaranteed to minors under the United States Supreme Court. The Legislature shall provide exceptions to such requirement for notification and shall create a process for judicial waiver of the requirement for notification.

Number 2  - Ballot Title: Constitutional Amendments Proposed by Initiative.
Ballot Summary: Proposing amendments to the state Constitution to require the sponsor of a constitutional amendment proposed by citizen initiative to file the initiative petition with the Secretary of State by Feb. 1 of the year of a general election in order to have the measure submitted to the electors for approval or rejection at the following November's general election, and to require the Florida Supreme Court to render an advisory opinion addressing the validity of an initiative petition by April 1 of the year in which the amendment is to be submitted to the electors.

Number 3 - Ballot Title: The Medical Liability Claimant's Compensation Amendment
Ballot Summary: Proposes to amend the state Constitution to provide that an injured claimant who enters into a contingency fee agreement with an attorney in a claim for medical liability is entitled to no less than 70 percent of the first $250,000 in all damages received by the claimant, and 90 percent of damages in excess of $250,000, exclusive of reasonable and customary costs and regardless of the number of defendants. This amendment is intended to be self-executing.

Number 4 - Ballot Title: Authorizes Miami-Dade and Broward County Voters to Approve Slot Machines In Pari-mutuel Facilities
Ballot Summary: Authorizes Miami-Dade and Broward counties to hold referenda on whether to authorize slot machines in existing, licensed pari-mutuel facilities (thoroughbred and harness racing, greyhound racing, and jai alai) that have conducted live racing or games in that county during each of the last two calendar years before effective date of this amendment. The Legislature may tax slot machine revenues, and any such taxes must supplement public education funding statewide. Requires implementing legislation.

Number 5  - Ballot Title: Florida Minimum Wage Amendment
Ballot Summary: This amendment creates a Florida minimum wage covering all employees in the state covered by the federal minimum wage. The state minimum wage will start at $6.15 per hour six months after enactment, and thereafter be indexed to inflation each year. It provides for enforcement, including double damages for unpaid wages, attorney's fees, and fines by the state. It forbids retaliation against employees for exercising this right.

Number 6 - Ballot Title: Repeal of High Speed Rail Amendment
Ballot Summary: This amendment repeals an amendment in the Florida Constitution that requires the Legislature, the Cabinet and the Governor to proceed with the development and operation of a high speed ground transportation system by the state and/or by a private entity.

Number 7  - Ballot Title: Patients' Right to Know About Adverse Medical Incidents
Ballot Summary: Current Florida law restricts information available to patients related to investigations of adverse medical incidents, such as medical malpractice. This amendment would give patients the right to review, upon
request, records of health care facilities' or providers' adverse medical incidents, including those which could cause injury or death. Provides that patients' identities should not be disclosed.

Number 8 - Ballot Title: Public Protection from Repeated Medical Malpractice
Ballot Summary: Current law allows medical doctors who have committed repeated malpractice to be licensed to practice medicine in Florida. This amendment prohibits medical doctors who have been found to have committed three or more incidents of medical malpractice from being licensed to practice medicine in Florida.