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To Pinellas County Citizens,
    The following links are to various resources available on the internet.  They consist of Partisan and Non Partisan links so there will be some bias in the Partisan links.  However in keeping with my HOW TO VOTE THE AMERICAN WAY article I'm trying to bring to you a variety of groups which hopefully are all  pro-family, pro-life and pro-Constitution groups: which you can review and decide the issues for yourself.

~ Non Partisan ~
Free discussion ? distribution are legal for 501(c)3's. 
~ Partisan ~
Free discussion ? distribution are NOT legal for 501(c)3's.  
^   Non Partisan   ^
Free discussion ? distribution are legal for 501(c)3's.
^  Partisan  ^
Free discussion ? distribution are NOT legal for 501(c)3's. 
Found in my email, don't remember who said it.  I've talked to several people wanting information about how to vote to retain or to reject the judges. I had to say that due to a Gag Rule no information about their character or record of decisions is available. They subsequently said that they were going to reject all of them. I didn't ask why but I would guess that it's due to all of the bad decisions, immoral, unconstitutional etc. lately by activist judges.

Sincerely, REK
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