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    Portions of text taken from: The New England Primer; 1996, A Family & Home School Textbook., The 1843 Updated Edition with Lesson Plan. © 1996 by Richard E. Klenk Sr. Used by permission.
    Portions of text taken from: The Mini Book Review © 1996 by Richard E. Klenk Sr. Used by permission.
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_ Link style credit:  _1.____ © 1997-2013 BizMin Assoc.,
_ _ Formal credit:   _2.____ Klenk Sr., Richard E. "Mini Book Review of THE  NEW  ENGLAND
PRIMER; 1996." Rev. 2/09. (your access date.)
_ Print style credit: _3.___ _ © 1997-2009 BizMin Assoc.    PO Box   76514,   St. Petersburg,
FL   33734 - 6514    USA,
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Klenk Sr., Richard E. "Mini Book Review of THE  NEW  ENGLAND PRIMER; 1996." Rev. 8/97. (your access date).
_3.  Informal citation designed for "printed matter" audiences who do not necessarily have ready access to the internet yet permits multiple methods of follow up.

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