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Abstract:   These pages (3+) are designed for students, teachers and parents doing research and reports on: "Education in the: 13 colonies or the states of early America".    This page is specifically "Primer" intensive. Scroll through them and see if there is some applicable graphics or art work you can use then look over our other web pages for additional print & video resources. (click on CONTROL for a list at bottom of this page.)
One of the best materials on the extent of the Bible in education can be found in the VHS and Video Transcript of THE EDUCATION OF OUR FOUNDING FATHERS.  This video may be found in our catalog.   An excellent source for the actual, educational content is the most popular textbook series from that period.... THE NEW ENGLAND PRIMER. You can order our Primer from our site the 1996 updated edition (1843) with Appendices, footnotes and comments clarifying and explaining various aspects of the Primer series spanning its 200 years of popularity.  (see ordering NEP online )        (printing note)
THE NEW ENGLAND PRIMER, 1996 shown here, is somewhat representative of the appearance and the size of the original 1843 hard bound book .
Our New England Primer 1996; primer1996.gif, 400x250
PRIMER1996.GIF(11k)  For full size printing this photograph should be printed as close to 3.5" x 5.5" as possible.   This closely approximates the 2.7" x 4.4" original (1843) hard bound book dimensions!
 There are two primers available from the catalog: a 1777 reprint [hardback] and an 1843 improved and updated edition [1996 paperback] suitable for today's youth.

And there are other photos and graphics below.

Another Primer 1777 ; primer1777cov.jpg 250 x 333 This is the 1777 reprint.  The original dimensions were close to 3 5/8 x 4".
    The small print says:

    'For the more eafy attaining the true
             reading of Englifh.
      T O  W H I C H   I S  A D D E D
    The Affembly of Divines, and
        Mr. Cotton's Catechifm.'

    The Writing style of the times substituted an 'f ' for 's' recall 'Congreff ' in the original handwritten Constitution.


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Page 2of 3. More AMERICANA: Presidents & Founders:   If this loads slow, see pgs 1-4 below.

               Founders pg 1. , Founders pg 2. , Founders pg 3. , Founders pg 4.  .
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NEP-11.gif(5k)  The Original Logo. Original picture size was 3"x3" but shown here at 195h x 210w pixels..

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NEP-PSO.gif(3k)    This is a small icon/logo used on most of our PSO's (Printable Sales Orders) to allow for fast printing and a little color for those that have color printers. ( 150 x 143 pixels.)

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8-7in.gif(2k)  This is a little NEPrimer that is 0.80" x 0.70" suitable for a small icon approx. (120 x 105 pixels).


341x195 [2.6 x 1.5 in] biz-cgif-gif
Biz-cgif.gif(8k) This picture with the Primer logo is similar to our business card except that this picture has more contrasting color for those special color intensive multi-graphic displays with an eye-catching appeal.  Looks real good at 780x450.

The pictures shown here are in standard GIF or JPG format and can be downloaded or printed as icons, graphics, or special sidebar effects for use in reports or other uses if used "unedited" - (see the copyright page for further details & limitations).  The JPG pictures (& link) on pages 2+ are mostly from the public domain.
If these pictures are printed with a black & white printer the green will show up as gray.  If the gray color is objectionable, there are several other pictures here that are generally less color intensive and depending on your application will hopefully be satisfactorily represented when printed in black, white & gray.
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