NEW ENGLAND PRIMER; 1996. A Family & Home School Textbk. 1843 Updated Edition w/Les. Plan. © 1997-99 BizMin Assoc'n.

Excerpts from an Online Book Review in:

HomeWords Magazine, April 1998.

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Primers traditionally contain material that is rich in history and heritage as well as useful for reading, writing and as a devotional.  The New England Primer, in particular, is a small, pocket-sized booklet that has 65 plus pages of pure enjoyment.
We had never seen a Primer before but were enchanted with what we found within the pages.  Every page contain a jewel of information that causes you to pause reflectively.  We marveled that such simplicity of content can contain such a diversity of information in such a small package.
In The New England Primer, you will find The Lord's Prayer and Ten Commandments, ABC Rhymes, An Alphabet of Lessons for