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The Football Server, NCAA Football,,, Sportsline USA, Rugby Football,
SL-USA College Bowl,
The College Football Hall of Fame Trivia,
Pro Football Hall of Fame, Monday Night Football
TV-tv-TV     Media / News TV
dot FREE HOME SCHOOL TV CHANNEL by AFA (American Family Assoc.)
dotOnline Homeschooling, grages  3-12    "Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA) offers courses for online high school, (grades 9-12) middle school, (grades 6-8) and elementary students (grades K-5) with an emphasis on individualized learning. We tailor our coursework to fit your child's unique needs and personality. When you work with a program offered by Liberty University - the world's largest evangelical university and a leading Christian homeschooling program - you'll take your home education to the next level." ... "Full year - 1 credit course (costs) $495 per subject" (26 credits to graduate high school.  But I think the "school" is accredited.).

  1. Hundreds of free college classes.
  2. Free Online College Classes - Part 1
  3. Free Online College Courses - Part 2 
  4. Free Online College Courses - Part Three
  5. Accreditation for Online Classes  Beware - know in advance if you want it to count towards a degree or/and if you want it to transfer.
  6. Hillsdale College Videos  Hillsdale College’s newest free online course, “The Presidency and the Constitution” aims to equip you to reestablish a constitutional focus in the current political debate.
  7. Prager University  is a virtual non-profit university founded in 2009 that produces short lectures on life subjects. 
    • PragerUniversity UTube 76+ videos about 5 min. each!
    • PragerUniversity - UTube 8/24/15 Are you on the wrong side or the right side of history? Is there even a "wrong side" or a "right side"? What do those terms mean and why do politicians and pundits use them? Nationally syndicated columnist and best-selling author Jonah Goldberg explains
  8. The best free cultural & educational media on the web  Intelligent video
  9. 700 Free Online Courses from Top Universities
  10. Harvard lecture on John Locke's government.
  11. Laws of Nature
  12. Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity ABOUT THE INSTITUTE: The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity is a project of Dr. Paul’s Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (F.R.E.E.), founded in the 1970s as an educational organization. The Institute continues and expands Dr. Paul’s lifetime of public advocacy for a peaceful foreign policy and the protection of civil liberties at home.
  13. The Story of Liberty, K-12 . . Here, you and your children can get an education in liberty like no other. Here, students learn the basics of Western Civilization and Western liberty -- how it was won, how it is being lost, and how it will be restored. (Not can . . . will.)


Government Economics 101 videos
  1. PBS TV Series "Free to Choose" by Economist Milton Friedman
  2. Bob McEwen (former US Congressman from OH) - The Politics of Freedom Part 1 (9 min) []
  3. Bob McEwen - The Politics of Freedom Part 2 (10 min) []
  4. Bob McEwen - The Politics of Freedom Part 3 (10 min) []
  5. Bob McEwen - The Politics of Freedom Part 4 (10 min) []
  6. Bob McEwen - The Politics of Freedom Part 5 (10 min) []
  7. Bob McEwen - The Politics of Freedom Part 6 (7.5 min) []
  8. Bob McEwen - The Politics of Freedom Part 7  ( 5 min) []
More Education Videos
  1. Introduction to the Constitution Lecture Series featuring Dr. Larry Arnn, Hillsdale College President
  2. Investopedia Videos  , Investopedia Stock Simulator  . 
  3. Pepbaker/invstmnt.htm (makes new Win)
  4. Pepbaker/media.htm (makes new window)
  5. "10th Amendment" "Nullification of SCOTUS cases" Search
  6.  Westminister Catechism Search
  9.  ChoiceMedia.TV -- The Education Reform Homepage

Miscellaneous Radio online

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5/5/12  Family Research Council VideoS
5/4/12 Living with Wolves   Video 1:35.02

5/2/12  The frontline of sharia in America (video) Posted on May 2, 2012 by Michael Coren with Pamela Geller on her conference in Dearborn, via Atlas Shrugs. Read about it in Victory: Full House In the Belly of the Beast — Truth Gets A Hearing In Dearborn

Islam  Islam's Latest Contributions to Peace  daily updates.
            Sharia in FLORIDA  weekly updates.

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The following list, slightly edited, is from The Top 5 Video Streaming Websites and is by Gizmo's Freeware who said, "For completeness here's a list I put together of over 40 additional streaming sites.  If you can't find something you like here, you are not really trying :>)"

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