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Frequently Asked Questions.
New England Primer, 1996
1.  What is in the 1996 Primer besides the material described in the : | Mini Book Review | ?
2.  What is the major difference between the 1777 Primer reprint and the 1996 Primer edition?
3.  Do you take credit card orders?
4.  ... letters J and V were missing from the alphabet..?
5.  ... cross-century comparison of the teaching of math and reading?
6.  ... My topic is the interconection of religion and education through the New England Primer. ?

1.  What is in the 1996 Primer besides the material described in the Mini Book Review?
The 1843 Title Page;
Alphabet-Syllables & Words;
170 syllabic / phonetic constructs which include: 80 syllables beginning with a vowel & 90 beginning with a consonant.
Westminister Catechism; 107 questions with answers on Bible basics.
Letters & Numerals;
Author's Last Notes; How to become a Christian
How to use this Book with Lesson Plan.

2.  What is the major difference between the 1777 Primer reprint and the 1996 Primer edition?
For using the book as a text for children, it would be the printing and spelling that is used in it.  For example the letter "f" was frequently substituted for "s".  (I don' know why. > The answer per Mr. Gile.)
Here's an example; the letter "A" in the ALPHABET OF LESSONS [ref. Proverbs 10:1] in the 1777 edition looks like:
"A wife fon maketh a glad father, but a foolifh fon is the heavinefs of his mother."
In the New England Primer; 1996 (new and improved) it reads:
"A wise son maketh a glad father, but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother."

3.  Do you take credit card orders?
No, but.
1.) Omitted  You can order via our email or by telephone and we will include an invoice with your order - or
2.) You can prepay using one of our Printable Sales Orders.  Delivery in 3-5 days ARO. (After Receipt of Order)

4.    Recently, my class was doing a close reading of the 1683 version of  The New England Primer and they noticed that the letters J and V were missing from the alphabet.  They asked me why and I had no answer for them.  Does anybody there know why those two letters were left out? ...  Thanks.   Jay
Dear Jay      The  "New England Primer 1996" is nearly a reprint of  the 1843 edition printed by the Massachusetts Sabbath School Society in Cornhill, Boston.  I updated it to the New King James as much as possible.     There are several Alphabets in the various Primers.  The missing letters in the 1843 edition were "J" & "V" and they were missing from "AN ALPHABET OF LESSONS FOR CHILDREN" on page 15.  This question also puzzled me as I was rewriting/reprinting the 1843 edition.  However after deciding to "add" them to my book to make it complete, I encountered a unique problem that caused me to not "add" them too!   I did not find a source or reference for this answer but I will give you my best assumption as stated in Footnote 12 from my book, which is quoted below.
    "12 There are two letter-phrases missing from the list i.e. J & V in this book and at least one other primer.  To include them caused the problem of selection that other printers probably experienced.  The obvious letters to start with are "J" for Jesus & "V" for Verily [in the KJV], which Jesus used to highly emphasize the Truth.  However, there are 237 references beginning with Jesus and 61 for Verily.  All of these are in the four Gospels [Mt., Mk, Lk. & Jn.] which is only 143 pages of easy reading in the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible by Thomas Nelson Publishers."
    The implication from the footnote is: How does one select just 1 verse from 237 about Jesus himself and just 1 verse from 61 of his direct quotes beginning with Verily??
    Perhaps your students could write an extra credit paper on which two verses they would select and explain why.  If you are in a public school and need some legal support for this check out these web pages of resources:

5.   Thanks for your quick reply to my questions about The New England Primer.    I am hoping to make a comparison of the teaching of reading and math of a century or two ago with that of today.   Do you have any suggestions for material for sale, in addition to The New England Primer,  that would lend itself to an easily understood cross-century comparison of the teaching of math and reading?   I hope to share this type of
 information with my six year old son's teachers and school principle and with other parents.   Thank you very much for your time.  Sincerely,   Bernie
Dear Bernie,
      I'm not an expert about that information but I think your findings will surprise a lot of people.  For a treatise on this view see mwhodges/education-a.htm  The Grandfather Report (web archive) which suggests that the unionization of teachers in 1960`s as the main cause of the failure of public education.  Personally I think the seeds of failure go back to the 1900's & Dewey's Progressive (Atheistic) Education; for more on this see "The Parent's State of Education Message" and supporting articles.
      Another source for a quick study on reading is the following site where you can get reprints of McGuffey's Eclectic Readers: .  [ no frames = ]    They provide a short comparison of the Eclectic Readers to today's reading levels.
       Here's the famous 8th Grade graduating test of Salinas, Kansas of 1895 with reference links and qualifying comments at the bottom.  See  web archive of .
      I hope that helps.
6.  ... My topic is the interconection of religion and education through the New England Primer.  Thanks to answer me. Julie ...
Dear Julie ...,
    There is a lot of information on our web site like our book review at: the Mini Book Review
which ends with the reviews of 5 video tapes that cover the character of our Constitutional Documents and our Founding Fathers who wrote them.
    Our "colonial" pages have Christian spiritual quotations from our Founding Fathers.   There is a free online Sex Education Lesson, that came from words from the New England Primer series that were taught to Primary level children.
    I have two Primers for sale.  A reprint of the 1777 edition and the 1996- improved and updated.

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